A Master Class with EFT Trainer, Jim Thomas, LMFT, Clinical Fellow, AAMFT

September 15 and 16, 2017

Chicago, Illinois

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9:00 a.m. start

  5:00 p.m. finish

Saturday:  8:30 Networking

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5.00 p.m. finish

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This is an advanced level Master Class in Emotionally Focused Therapy designed to enhance, deepen and expand your work in this model through greater focus in Stage One and “Getting to Softenings” in Stage Two.  Completion of an EFT Externship is a pre-requisite for this training.  Basic questions about the application of EFT and attachment theory will not addressed during this Master Class.   Content assumes participants have knowledge of the Stages and Steps of EFT, major interventions and some experience applying EFT with couples and/or families.


Overview – Purpose of this Workshop


*Many of us, having taken Core Skills for example, still wish to get to bonding events more routinely and with more of our couples.


*In this workshop, we look at building momentum, focusing our sessions and getting in to the struggle with our couples to set the stage for de-escalation so we can get to Stage 2 work more often.


*Then we’ll look at Stage 2 work, why it’s important to deepen emotions and “Get to Softenings,” as Sue says.  We’ll see some video examples of other EFT Therapists and the Trainer setting the table in Stage 1 and doing Stage 2 work.


*Plus, Jim will share some of the mistakes and foibles he made along the journey.  As they say, wisdom comes from experience, and experience comes from making mistakes.  It is in our mistakes, ruptures and misdirection, that we often learn the most.


* Many E.F.T.’ers have shared that they wish they more routinely got to bonding events with their couples and families.  This workshop is designed to help you do just that with confidence.


*We will explore some key ways to integrate what we have learned in Core Skills and with our couples and families.  Special thanks to Dr. Sue Johnson for the original conversations that inspired this workshop and the gift of E.F.T.


Key Steps in EFT that both set the stage and allow for powerful bonding events to occur:


1) Focus Sessions (Beyond a wholesome discipline, focus sessions)

2) Build Momentum

3) Be in the Struggle

4) Deepening Emotion (and deepening it again, and again)

5) “Get to Softenings!”

* Excellent – all around Excellent!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. * Thank you, thank you, thank you to Jim for two wonderful days – and to Patrice for doing all the work behind the scenes to make it happen. * Thank you for a great workshop. * Best workshop ever! Thanks.

“My jaw is still dropped in awe after that weekend. I am in awe of Jim- his presence and vulnerability, and of the community-I’ve never felt closer to a big group in a training. I thank each and everyone one of you for how transformative it was…I still get tears in my eyes when I think about it. And I am a better therapist this week.”  Click Here to See More Feedback

More about the workshop:

Based on a series of conversations with Dr. Sue Johnson, EFT Research, watching other trainers clinical work, and his own clinical experience, Jim Thomas, LMFT, EFT Trainer, Clinical Fellow, Approved Supervisor, AAMFT is offering this 2-Day highly focused workshop for Emotionally Focused Therapists, “Gaining Traction, Getting to Softenings in E.F.T.”As with any training Jim leads, important elements regarding our use of self will be woven throughout the 2-Days. The workshop will include brief didactic presentations, demonstration, discussion and application.   Participants will learn the “One Thing that will make everything else easier in EFT therapy for them as therapists.”  This one thing provides the unifying theme for the workshop.

We’ll explore a couple different experiential activities in addition to some role-play work to help anchor in learning and habits that fuel solid EFT work!

Areas We Will Explore Together:

1)  Identify key moves that set the groundwork for getting to Stage Two prepared to do softenings.

2)  Identify and work with common barriers to moving through Stage One work to reduce the time spent “spinning your wheels” with couples through the same skills needed in Stage Two work: focused sessions, building momentum, deepening emotion and fostering vulnerability.

3)  Gain a framework for how working with emotion evolves throughout Stage One work, and how this framework provides a guide for fluid, forward moving work with couples in Stage One that fosters de-escalation and Stage 2.

4)  Understand the key moves that occur in successful softenings for withdrawers and pursuers.

5)  Identify common errors and blocks to successful softenings with withdrawers and pursuers.

6)  Explore the central importance of our emotional presence in the room and how to lean into a more transparent, authentic and even dysregulated you in session that ties all of these skills together.

How do they do it in those E.F.T. Research studies?  It seems like every couple gets to Stage 2 work, softenings and bonding events in those published studies?  Softening leading to bonding events, that is what drew us to the work.  We want to get to those moments we see on Sue’s tapes.  We come out of the Externship or Core Skills and our work with couples improves significantly.   But progress with couples gets mixed and some start to complain about wanting more and faster. We find ourselves stumbling around in Stage 1 feeling lost ourselves or we miss the opportunity to go in to Stage 2 work.  Our energy gets zapped as couples start complaining: *  “We’ve been over this cycle before, it’s not helping.” *  “I know it’s a dance, but he/she is responsible for the music.” *  “We need tools, now!”

Sometimes I Feel Lost in The Model:  It’s like we lost sight of the one thing or the key moves that could propel our work in to Stage 2.  This workshop’s singular purpose is to get out of the muck sooner, build momentum and get to softenings in E.F.T.   This is key. Our confidence decreases when we don’t get to experience bonding events. Bonding events, key for couples also fuel our work.  Without them, being an E.F.T. therapist becomes frustrating and draining.    We start to wonder if we missed something about Stage 2 work; this training ties that all together.

Workshop Outline:

Day One

Focused Session

Build Momentum

Being in the Struggle

Deepen Emotions

Day Two

Deepening Emotions

Get to Softenings

Throughout the workshop, Jim will show different couples doing deeper emotional work, including at least one withdrawer re-engagement, a blamer softening, and more. 

“The workshop keeps evolving, a co-creation with my couples, the model, and attendees at the workshop.  Feel grateful to have this framework that invites us all in to learning community together, to inspire growth, open hearts and deepen connections within, in our E.F.T. community, and with our couples and families,”  Jim Thomas

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