The Chicago Center for EFT (CCEFT) is pleased to provide a list of therapists who practice EFT.  CCEFT does not endorse the skills or the claims made by the therapists listed here and cannot guarantee the competence of any particular therapist listed in this directory. In no event shall CCEFT be liable for any damages to any user of the directory. Users of this directory do so freely and at their own discretion. It is their responsibility to assess the suitability of a given therapist for their own needs.

The information provided in the directory has been provided by the therapist, who has affirmed that the statements are true and contains no information that is misleading, fraudulent or deceptive. In addition, many listings include links to therapist’s own websites These are provided for the convenience of the directory user and CCEFT does not verify, endorse or make any other warranty re. the accuracy of these sites.