Supervision/Peer Groups

Supervision/Consultation in EFT is available on an individual or peer group basis. Peer group and individual consultation are provided solely for the purpose of training in the EFT model and do not imply legal or ethical responsibility, nor substitute for the clinical supervision required by licensing entities or employers.

Peer Group Consultation

Peer groups improve the process of developing your skills as an EFT therapist in many ways:

  • Peer groups are led by experienced EFT therapists who give informed encouragement and suggestions regarding the work of participants.
  • Meeting on a consistent basis with your peers provides safety and support in the at-times daunting task of learning this model.
  • Group members receive consultation regarding their own clients, making the peer group immediately practical and applicable to their work.
  • Groups use a variety of approaches to learning:
    • discussions about the theory and practice of EFT as well as the certification process
    • viewing video clips of participants’ actual client sessions and/or training videos
    • role play with coaching by the group leaders

All groups meet virtually via Zoom. For more information, send an email to the any of the contact persons listed.

GroupDay / TimeEmail
EFCT - Joe Bozic3rd Tue, 9-11
EFIT - Joe Bozic4th Mon, 9-10
Keith BjorgeLast Thurs, 9-11
Marcia Vickman4th Mon, 9:30-11:15 am
Every other month
Asian-identified therapists to discuss EFT within an Asian/Asian-American context3rd Fri, 9-11 amJean Lee
Anti-racist education and process group for White-identified therapists.Email us to learn about meeting timesAnne Rossen, Marie Naumann,
& Kristin Moorhouse


Individual Consultation with Certified Supervisor or Supervisor-in-Training

There is no substitute for one-on-one consultation. In the context of a supportive, collaborative alliance, you have the opportunity to get direct, case-specific encouragement and suggestions for how to intervene more effectively from an EFT perspective. Supervision is most effective when reviewing clips of video of the therapist working with the client. The therapist is responsible for obtaining written consent to show the video in consultation.


Certified Supervisors

NameWebsiteContactOn-line Supervision
John AmendtThe Marriage Clinic630-690-3170
Joe Bozicjoebozictherapy.com847-845-7953
Flo BraumFlorence Barum708-383-7610
Thomas HammermanThomas Hammerman847-424-1924
Gretchen HarroRelationship Works847-312-2828
Nikki LivelyNikki Lively847-733-4300, ext. 716
Josh MarderMarder Couples and Family Therapy773-225-2118
Kathy Thumme847-682-0290
Marcia VickmanRiver North Therapy847-660-3747
Janet VossNorth Shore Marriage and Family Therapy847-764-9231
Don ZeidlhackMcDougald and Associates630-414-1050

Supervisors in Training

Supervision with a supervisor-in-training counts toward the 8 hours of supervision required for certification as an EFT therapist.

NameWebsiteContactOn-line supervision
Kate PedersenKate Pedersen317-762-5283
Irene Cho630-344-9390
Madiha MaroonInner Peace Therapies630-747-3730