CCEFT supports therapists by providing training and supervision in EFT, building the local community of skilled EFT practitioners and helping connect couples with skilled EFT therapists. CCEFT is affiliated with ICEEFT, the International Centre for Excellence in EFT. Trainings offered through CCEFT are endorsed by ICEEFT.

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John Amendt is a Certified Supervisor!

On behalf of the Chicago Center for EFT it is a great pleasure to announce that John Amendt, LCSW, LMFT is a newly certified EFT Supervisor! John took part in t...


The Four Components of Emotion

By guest blogger, Josh Marder, LMFT Most couples have trouble expressing their softer primary emotions when they come in for couples therapy.  We know that’s wh...

Finding my “professional home”

by guest blogger, Ileana Ungureanu, MD, PhD, LMFT I first learned about the EFT model in my MFT Master program. As any graduate student, I was looking for a the...

EFT as my guide, personally and professionally – Sara Morrow, MSMFT

EFT as my guide, personally and professionally, by guest blogger, Sara Morrow, MSMFT – Staff Therapist, The Family Institute at Northwestern University  w...

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Chicago EFT is affiliated with the International Centre for Excellence in EFT.
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