Want to Get Involved? Volunteer with Chicago EFT Today!

The Chicago Center for EFT relies on volunteers to build the local community of EFT-minded therapists and to provide world-class training.

Volunteering is a way to collaborate with colleagues in the mission of bringing excellent therapy to our community. As well as deepening your own understanding of EFT, volunteering gives the opportunity to grow your network of quality therapists to refer to and from. Volunteers often experience growth in their skills and in their business as a result of engaging with the EFT community.

Active volunteering is a pre-requisite for board membership.

Current volunteer opportunities include:

  • Role Play Coaches for both Core Skills and Externships, must have completed Core Skills
  • Conference Event support, including registration and other administrative tasks
  • ChicagoEFT membership support, includes communicating with members via email
  • Writing blog posts for the ChicagoEFT community, a way for the community to get to know you and share your experiences learning EFT or your expertise.
  • Representing ChicagoEFT at local conferences, for those who have completed an Externship
    • Illinois Association of Marriage and Family Therapists conference includes free admission
  • Social media, includes identifying content to add to Facebook page and website
  • Forum moderator, for ChicagoEFT members only, moderate the conversation/answer questions on areas of your particular interest or expertise.
  • Teach a Local Learning – for certified supervisors only.

Volunteer Form

Volunteer Form
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