Are You There for Me?

Over the past eight years of involvement in EFT trainings, I’ve heard a wide variety of ways that people learn of the model: a conference workshop, a one-day training, a course in grad school, etc., But after all this time, I still hear people mention an article Sue Johnson wrote for the Psychotherapy Networker in 2006,  back when it was still called the Family Therapy Networker. Sue describes her early efforts to understand couple conflict and the eventual recognition that it comes out of a rupture to couples’ attachment bond. She goes on to say that she learned to closely track process in the moment and that key to lasting change was helping partners access and share vulnerable emotions. The resulting endpoint of EFT is re-establishment of a strong emotional bond that helps couples work through conflict more easily, deepen felt security and added resilience to handle the inevitable bumps and potholes of couple life. It’s still a great intro to EFT with couples and if you’re already well acquainted, a good reminder. Here’s the link to the article, “Are You There for Me?” on the Psychotherapy Networker website. Enjoy.

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