Upcoming Workshops of Special Interest

Hi Everyone – hope you’re all enjoying a glorious Summer! I’m writing about some upcoming trainings in the area this Fall that are worthy of special consideration.

Dr. Barry McCarthy is a long time sex therapist and author of numerous clinical and self-help books and journal articles on a wide range of sex-related topics, including Rekindling Desire and Men’s Sexual Health. His Good-Enough model, primarily a cognitive-behavioral approach, also includes a strong relational focus. I’ve attended several of Dr. McCarthy’s presentations and always find him to be a clear, knowledgeable presenter who addresses careful multi-dimensional assessment of sexual difficulties. This is a great opportunity to learns some basics of sex therapy. He’s presenting 1-day workshops in the area on September 11 and 12, presented by PESI. Get more info at pesi.com .

The Family Institute and its Alumni Association are hosting Dr. Donald Baucom on September 12th. He’ll be speaking on infidelity, one of his many couple therapy research topics. He’s a co-author of one of my favorite books on working with infidelity, Helping Couples Get Past the Affair, and the self-help version, Getting Past the Affair, both of which lay out an empirically investigated cognitive-behavioral 3-stage model for working with marital distress related to infidelity. More info is available at family-institute.org/fallconference .

Dr. Joe Kort will be in the area October 6 through 8 presenting 1-day workshops on working with gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender clients. Dr. Kort is the author of Gay Affirmative Therapy for the Straight Clinician, a well-respected overview of how to work more effectively with gay clients. He has a practice in Ann Arbor, MI and was one of the featured speakers at the University of Michigan sex therapy training program I completed last year. He’s an informative and engaging speaker. More info is available at pesi.com .

Finally, I’ll be presenting a 1-day Introduction to Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy at Trinity International University’s Fall Counseling Conference in Deerfield on October 31st. I regularly get inquiries from local therapists asking about introductory talks on EFT; this is an excellent opportunity for therapists only marginally familiar with the model to get an overview of the theory and interventions. Visit divinity.tiu.edu/counseling-conference/ to get more info.

Enjoy your Summer!


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